Coated Sodium Butyrate direct energy source for intestinal epithelial cells. Repair damaged epithelial cells. Increase intestinal villi height; Increase feed intake, improve the production performance; Improve the group uniformity. Bactericidal and antibacterial, a strong synergy with the antibiotic, and markedly growth-promoting effect, stimulate effect for suckling piglets and weaning piglets, benefit to elevate weaning weight.
銆怉lias銆?/strong>Sodium butyrate
銆怑INECS No.銆?/strong>205-857-6
銆怉pplication Direction銆?/strong>Feed Additive for Poultry, Livestock, Aquiculture
銆怉ppearance銆?/strong>White powder
銆怱upply Specifications銆?/strong>30%
銆怱torage銆?/strong>Cool and dry conditions
銆怱helf life銆?/strong>24 months