Product Title: Tin Box
Product description + Usage: push-and-pull box for storing tools for games with a ring

We supply push-and-pull box for storing tools for games with a ring. Rectangular tin box with a heaven and earth cover.
1.Production Introduction
Famous carton is printed on the surface of the tin box, which will be very attractive for children. With a ring, it can be hung on the bags or on fingers, which is very convenient. The way for opening it is pushing up while the way for closing it is pulling it down, which is very creative. It not only can store tools for games but also anything else like candies.

2. Production Parameter
SizeThicknessNo.(Mould No.)
60X34X11mmh0.23mm tinplateED0003A-01

3. Production feature and application
Small-size tin box with a ring, printed with famous carton printed. You can also require an embossed version. Not only tools for games can it store, but also you can make it your own storage box.

4. Product Detail
Push-and-pull tin box with a ring