ALF: The Complete 4 Seasons DVD Collection

"ALF: The Complete 4 Seasons DVD Collection" is a delightful compilation that brings together all the endearing antics of everyone's favorite extraterrestrial life form. This comprehensive set encompasses every episode from the beloved sitcom's four seasons, offering fans a chance to relive the hilarious escapades of ALF and the Tanner family.

Follow the misadventures of Gordon Shumway, affectionately known as ALF (Alien Life Form), as he crash-lands into the suburban home of the Tanners. From his penchant for causing chaos in the household to his insatiable appetite for cats, ALF brings an abundance of laughter and heartwarming moments to every episode.

With its unique blend of humor, wit, and touching family dynamics, "ALF" has remained a beloved classic since its debut. Join Willie, Kate, Lynn, Brian, and of course, ALF, as they navigate the challenges of cohabitating with an extraterrestrial visitor while navigating the ups and downs of everyday life.