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Bidet UAE

Crownline's portable bidet(شطاف المسافر) offers versatile outdoor cleaning options, from refreshing showers to cleaning pets and tools. It is a must-have for your next vacation, and its USB rechargeable feature adds to its convenience.

Fan Heater UAE

Crownline's fan heater provides ultimate warmth. The PTC heating technology ensures that any space is heated quickly and efficiently. Stay comfortable and cosy. Visit the website and get yours now!

Air Purifier UAE

Crownline's finest air purifiers in UAE will help you breathe Clean. Our advanced tech swiftly clears pollutants, boasting a silent operation. Enhance your indoor air-quality now for a healthier life. Shop today!

Fans in UAE

Crownline offers a variety of cooling fans, including stand fans, mist fans, and rechargeable fans, to provide the ultimate comfort in the UAE. Shop one for yourself now!

Portable Air Conditioner UAE

Crownline's portable air conditioners provide ultimate cooling experience. Beat the heat in style and comfort. Shop today for efficient, portable cooling solutions to keep you cool this summer.

Steam Iron UAE

Crownline UAE offers the finest steam ironing solution. You can effortlessly alter your clothes with the latest selection of lightweight, energy-efficient steam irons to get perfectly ironed, crisp clothes. Visit the website now!

Dehumidifier UAE

Crownline's top-notch dehumidifiers in the UAE you can easily control the humidity levels inside your home. No more musty odours and fungal growth. Enjoy fresh, comfortable spaces effortlessly. Visit the website and get yours now!

Air Cooler UAE

With Crownline's high-quality air coolers, you experience the ultimate cool breeze at home in UAE. Stay comfortable and sleep peacefully during scorching days. Contact them for more information!

Rice Cooker UAE

Crownline's rice cookers provide unmatched rice cooking convenience. Choose from a range of capacities, and enjoy effortless steaming, warming, and cooking. They offer the best rice cooker price in the UAE to improve your cooking experience.

Water Dispenser Dubai UAE

Crownline's water dispenser in Dubai provides the utmost comfort. Enjoy hot and cold water anytime from standard water bottles. Stay refreshed effortlessly with its efficient, safe, and user-friendly solution. Visit for more information.